About EasyLiving

We make living in Berlin easy: as a young brand of the traditional Berlin apartment company Berlinovo Apartment GmbH, EasyLiving offers 1,300 low-cost apartments for trainees and students. Fully furnished apartments - in aspiring parts of Berlin and with an inspiring ambiance!

EasyLiving stands for:

  • straightforward and commission-free renting
  • "All-inclusive rent" incl. all extra costs
  • Short routes to university, or vocational school.

So why complicate things, when it can be so easy?

Berlinovo Apartment GmbH

Berlinovo Apartment GmbH leases and manages approximately 6500 furnished apartments in 31 residential complexes in Berlin. With almost fifty years of experience, the company is the market leader in the temporary-living segment in Berlin. In addition to a wide range of fully equipped apartments in popular Berlin districts, customers appreciate the different trim levels, as well as the quick and un-bureaucratic rental process.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • What is EasyLiving?

    We make living in Berlin simple: As a young brand of the Berlin residential real estate company Berlinovo Apartment GmbH, EasyLiving offer students and trainees reasonably priced furnished apartments. EasyLiving has exactly what beginners and up-and-comers are looking for: simple renting, a monthly flat rate incl. all incidentals (excl. Rundfunkbeitrag) and very good connection to university, college or vocational school with public transport.