Questions asked and answered frequently

At EasyLiving, everything is pretty straightforward. And if a question comes up, chances are that we already have an answer. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and our answers. Have we answered yours?


Whom do the favourable terms of EasyLiving apply to?

Our EasyLiving offers are only valid for apprentices who are completing their first vocational training at an institution in Berlin. A corresponding certificate of training is therefore required for the application. The rental contracts are limited to the training period (max. 36 months). A short-term rental is not possible.

Other interested parties can find our offers at Renting of an apartment requires proof of corresponding regular monthly income.

Are there EasyLiving-apartments in other cities, too?

Fully furnished apartments from EasyLiving are located solely in Berlin.

What is EasyLiving?

We make living in Berlin easy: As a young brand of the traditional Berlin housing company Berlinovo Apartment GmbH, EasyLiving offers affordable furnished apartments for trainees.

EasyLiving has exactly what beginners are looking for: simple lease agreements, a monthly flat rate incl. all the necessities (“all-inclusive rent”) with short commutes to vocational school.

Apartment Furnishings

Does the apartment have access to Internet, in particularly Wi-Fi connection?

Internet connection in the apartment is possible. The installation and all of the monthly costs have to be covered by the tenant. The tenant can independently search for the internet provider and subscribe for their services that will be available in the apartment. Installation of fixed cable services (such are necessary for Cable TV services), is not permitted.

Can I find a microwave in the apartment?

A microwave is not available in the apartments. You may check what exact equipment is available at the apartment complex of your choice under the point “Facts”.

Could I install a washing machine in my apartment?

The installation of a washing machine is a contractual change, which is not permitted by the terms of the rental agreement. In each apartment complex, you can find a laundry centre equipped with coin dispensing machines (washing machines and dryers).

What does my rent include in itself?

Such costs as electricity, water as well rental costs are all covered by the rent. In addition, a flat rate for beauty repairs is included. Charges for internet services, GEZ fees or broadcasting contributions will have to be covered privately by the tenant.

Do I have to pay GEZ fees and broadcasting contributions myself?

The GEZ fees or broadcasting contributions are not included in the rent.  The contribution is to be paid directly to the company "ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragservice".

Tenant application

When should I apply for your services?

We recommend applying two months prior the desired move in date.

How can I arrange the viewing appointment for the apartment?

You may arrange an appointment for the viewing of a sample apartment with the janitor. The appointment can be made through a phone call. You may reach the janitor on in the following working hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4pm. Visits are only possible during the opening hours. Therefore, a visit on weekends would not be possible.

The phone number of the janitor can be found under the „Apartment details“ of chosen by you property.

When should I be expecting a response in regard to my application?

Due to increased demand, there may be delays in the processing of your application.

When should I be expecting a concrete offer?

Due to our short-term notice period, information regarding the availability of our apartments can be announced about 4 weeks prior your desired move in date.

How can I find out whether the apartment is available?

You can request the information regarding availability of our apartments, without providing any personal information, by contacting our office. You can send your request by email, or call us.

How high are my chances of receiving an apartment?

Due to high demand, we can not guarantee that all perspective tenants will get an apartment.

Single apartments

Would it be possible for two people to live in one Single-Apartment/One-room-Apartment?

The one room apartments (single apartments) are made specifically for one person. A long-term guest, may stay in the room for the time period of maximum 2 weeks. Starting from the third week of guest’s stay, the visit will be considered as overcrowding of the apartment. This situation can be a reason for termination of a contract without prior notice.


Are pets allowed in the apartment?

Keeping of animals in the apartment we do not agree in principle.

What is the cancellation period of my rental agreement?

The tenancy is concluded for a fixed term without the need for termination.

Could I reserve an apartment in advance?

Due to high demand, binding reservations are not possible at the moment.

Is it possible to arrange an appointment with you in order to ask further questions?

The opening hours at our rental office (Hallesches Ufer 74-76, 10963 Berlin) are:

Mon. – Thurs.: 10:00pm – 3pm
Fri.: 10am – 1pm

A personal appointment must be arranged.