Questions asked and answered frequently

At EasyLiving, everything is pretty straightforward. And if a question comes up, chances are that we already have an answer. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and our answers. Have we answered yours?


  • Whom do the favorable terms of EasyLiving apply to?

    Our EasyLiving conditions apply only to apprentices and students who are enrolled at a Berlin institution and doing the first education at all (first studies or apprenticeship). To apply an appropriate training certificate is required. Our EasyLiving conditions will be grant it the rent period will be more than 6 month.

    If the rent period will be less than 6 month and for other students and anyone interested our offer at is valid. For renting an apartment there is a monthly regular income necessary.


  • Are there EasyLiving-apartments in other cities, too?

    Furnished apartments by EasyLiving are only available in Berlin.

  • What is EasyLiving?

    We make living in Berlin simple: As a young brand of the Berlin residential real estate company Berlinovo Apartment GmbH, EasyLiving offer students and trainees reasonably priced furnished apartments. EasyLiving has exactly what beginners and up-and-comers are looking for: simple renting, a monthly flat rate incl. all incidentals (excl. Rundfunkbeitrag) and very good connection to university, college or vocational school with public transport.

Apartment Furnishings

  • Does the apartment have an internet connection or WLAN/ WiFi?

    An Internet connection is available in the apartment. The installation and monthly costs are borne by the tenant.

    The tenant needs to find a provider independently. Fixed laying of additional cables for a connection (e.g. required for Kabel Deutschland) is not permitted.


  • Is there a microwave in the apartments?

    There is no microwave in the apartments. Please have a look at your desired apartment house under the point facts there you find the household items.

  • Can I put up a washing machine in the apartment?

    Putting up a washing machine is a structural change and that is not permitted according to the lease. In all apartment buildings are launderette with coin-operated machines (washing machine and dryer).

Tenant application

  • When should I apply?

    Please, apply 2 months before the desired date of moving.

  • How can I make an appointment for an apartment viewing?

    You can make an appointment with the janitor/supervisor by phone. Viewings are only possible during the opening hours of the janitor’s office. Which is why weekend viewings are not possible.

  • When will I receive a response to my application?

    Due to a large amount of enquiries,  please allow us a few days to respond.

  • When can I expect a concrete offer?

    Due to our short termination period a concrete offer is possible four weeks before the desired move in date.

Single apartments

  • Can two people live in a single apartment?

    No. A single apartment is intended for one person. A permanent guest over a longer period is not wanted.


  • Are pets allowed in the apartment?

    Keeping of animals in the apartment we do not agree in principle.

  • How long is the notice period?

    Our indefinite  tenancy agreements/ contracts have a notice period of one month to the next month.

  • Can I make a reservation?

    No, we don’t make reservations. An inquiry can only be accepted after the submittal of the complete application documents. And even then, we cannot make a reservation.

  • Can I arrange an appointment for further questions?

    The opening times of our rental office (in Hallesches Ufer 74-76, 10963 Berlin) are Mon 2-6 pm, Tue - Thu 9-11 am and 1-4 pm and Fri 09-1 am. An appointment must therefore not be agreed.

  • Can I complete a rental contract a short time before my studies / training begin(s)?

    Yes. But please note that our special terms are valid only from the beginning of training or studies. Therefore, a current prove has to be submitted.