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Answers to frequently asked questions

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Whom do the favourable terms of EasyLiving apply to?

Our EasyLiving offers are only valid for apprentices who are completing their first vocational training at an institution in Berlin. A corresponding certificate of training is therefore required for the application. The rental contracts are limited to the training period (max. 36 months). A short-term rental is not possible.

Other interested parties can find our offers at Renting of an apartment requires proof of corresponding regular monthly income.

Can I find a microwave in the apartment?

A microwave is not available in the apartments. You may check what exact equipment is available at the apartment complex of your choice under the point “Facts”.

Could I install a washing machine in my apartment?

The installation of a washing machine is a contractual change, which is not permitted by the terms of the rental agreement. In each apartment complex, you can find a laundry centre equipped with coin dispensing machines (washing machines and dryers).

When should I apply for your services?

We recommend applying two months prior the desired move in date.

What does my rent include in itself?

Such costs as electricity, water as well rental costs are all covered by the rent. In addition, a flat rate for beauty repairs is included. Charges for internet services, GEZ fees or broadcasting contributions will have to be covered privately by the tenant.

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