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Single Apartments

from 390,- € rent / month

  • 1-room apartments, circa 30 m² with "all-inclusive rent" incl. incidentals and electricity
  • Simple and cozy furnishings, bright and friendly rooms, some with balcony

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • When will I receive a response to my application?

    Due to a large amount of enquiries,  please allow us a few days to respond.

  • How long is the notice period?

    Our indefinite  tenancy agreements/ contracts have a notice period of one month to the next month.

  • Can I make a reservation?

    No, we don’t make reservations. An inquiry can only be accepted after the submittal of the complete application documents. And even then, we cannot make a reservation.

  • Can two people live in a single apartment?

    No. A single apartment is intended for one person. A permanent guest over a longer period is not wanted.