Kiez Haselhorst – Improve yourself!

Eingang Zitadelle

Improve yourself!

Between Havel, Daumstraße and Am Juliusturm (U7: Paulsternstraße, Haselhorst, Zitadelle)

Haselhorst is the Kiez that tends to be described as an industrial and settlement area, because there are several manufacturing and trade establishments here, while Haselhorst, east of Daumstraße, is a purely residential area with around 4000 residences in the old Reichsforschungssiedlung [Imperial Research Settlement, built in 1931/32 to experiment with new building forms].

If you think that not much goes on in Spandau, you’re plain wrong. The Zitadelle has become very popular as an event-location. It is the newly resurgent venue when it comes to concerts by well-known artists, large events, and also flea markets. Last but not least artists work here in their studios. This bastion of arts is highly relevant to local students and prospective students in the artistic field. There are countless possibilities to exercise your creativity and to evolve.

And one special piece has been here for a while as well: the red phone booth. It used to be a distinctive meeting point in front of the town hall, before mobile phones became so popular. A present from the British, it was relocated tot he Zitadelle in 2011 due to repeated vandalism. Which veteran Spandauer doesn’t miss it? Who knows, maybe the day will come when the red eye catcher is allowed to stand in front of the town hall once again.

Kieze – Nearby Neighborhoods

St. Nikolai Kirche

Kiez Mitte Spandauer Altstadt – Shop `til you drop!

Good shopping location in Spandau’s center (U7: Rathaus Spandau, Altstadt Spandau)

There is no lack of variety; just think of the Spandauer Altstadt – Spandau’s old town center – with its many small shops, the cafés and, not to forget, the movie theater. No matter what time of day or night you come here, something is always going on.

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Kiez Westend in Charlottenburg – Recreation, Sports and Entertainment

Westend, a part of Charlottenburg is located only a stone's throw from Spandau. The main shopping street of Westend is Reichstraße between Theodor-Heuss-Platz and Steubenplatz. You can also find the TV center of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) here, as well as Dieter Hallervorden’s comedy revue „Die Wühlmäuse“.

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Wilhelmstadt 1

Kiez Wilhelmstadt – Time Off between Parties and Sports!

Large old barracks area between Brunsbütteler Damm and Heerstraße

If a bit of comfort is what you’re after, the corner of Wilhelmstraße and Brüderstraße is the right place to start. Here are the most popular restaurants, bars and cafés, lined up one next to the other, like the "Bricks", "Salt & Pepper", "Barfly" or "Plan B".

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