United Urban district of Berlin

Steglitz is an attractive district. Quiet, but refreshing in its possibilities for a pleasant life. Steglitz offers many shopping opportunities, e.g. on the Schlossstraße. Characteristic of the district are the Botanical Garden and the lakes.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Whom do the favorable terms of EasyLiving apply to?

    Our special conditions apply only to apprentices and students who are enrolled at a Berlin institution and doing the first education at all (first studies or apprenticeship). To apply an appropriate training certificate is required.

    For other students and anyone interested in our offer is For renting an apartment there is a monthly regular income necessary.


  • How long is the notice period?

    Our indefinite  tenancy agreements/ contracts have a notice period of one month to the next month.

  • Are there EasyLiving-apartments in other cities, too?

    No, furnished apartments by EasyLiving are only available in Berlin.

  • Can two people live in a single apartment?

    No. A single apartment is intended for one person. A permanent guest over a longer period is not wanted.

  • When should I apply?

    Please, apply 2 months before the desired date of moving.

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